Thursday, 17 December 2009

A Row Of Christmas Fairies: Week 24

Same as my Monopoly Board really have got a little behind on working on this one, but when i looked back on the last picture i uploaded i am actually quite please with how much ive progressed :) running out of time tho as i hoped to have this one finished before christmas so i better get a move on really lol

This is the project as it looks atm and its slowly coming together and im getting excited at seeing it finished now

This christmas tree was half finished at last update and happily is now complete :)

This is the extra ive completed since last update, two more fairies and the start of a third and a couple of presents and a christmas pudding

Monday, 14 December 2009

Monopoly Board : Week 29

Been a bit behind both stitching and updating was put on hold for a fair while, as i was moving etc but i'm determined to get back into it and have it finished :) so will hopefully be back to the regular updates :)

The board as it is atm, slowly coming together now :)

Finally got the colour i needed to colour in Northumberland Avenue, Whitehall and Pall Mall

Community Chest and Marylebone Station all finished

Free Parking

I'm currently working on completing the 'reds' and Chance, nearly there

I'm Back Online! - Woo Hoo

Hey everyone I'm finally back online after what feels like forever! lol in my last post I mentioned how due to probs with my flat I was being moved by the council, now I assumed i would be moved asap so began packing everywhere up but they took their time getting my new flat ready and it was another 4 weeks until we were given the keys and a week after that that we moved in (27th Nov), then after that we had issues with BT we were due to have our phone line activated the day we moved in but got nothing then we told there was an issue and line couldn't be activated without an enginneer and the earliest they could send someone out was the 9th Dec! and then they activated the line anyway the day before on the 8th BUT it wasnt our number (we had asked to keep our current number) they told us we could change it back to our old number but that we'd have to wait until the 15th! we were told nothing could be done to bring this forward but then spoke to another guy who rang the exchange and they put us in a queue and our number was activated on friday morn (11th), then we found out that instead of transferring our broadband account to our new address someone at BT had cancelled it! and they couldn't re-actvate it until the 18th but after countless phone calls and complaints it was activated Sat lunchtime (again after being told 'impossible' to bring forward) app because of the probs we were caused they escalrated(sp?) the process "at a great cost to BT" too right all their fault so they should pay lol just waiting on our BT Vision to be activated now but been told that should happy friday when they broadband was due to be activated we shall see lol, sorry for the long winded post there lol

On plus side Bubba is growing nicely im now 17+5wks and have begun to feel movements which are lovely :) have my 20wk scan on Jan 5th and am hopeing to be finding out the sex, tho we have already decided on our names :) Chloe Marie for a girl and Lucas James for a boy

Have done some stitching not as much as I would have liked but hopeing to pick up more now we're a little more settled as Monday and I usually update my Monopoly Board on a monday il will take and upload pic and update a little later when my daughter is in bed :)

Take all and chat soon xxx

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

I'm Sorry ...

Im very sorry everyone i havent been around too much (again) had a fair bit going on, i currently live in a 1 bed council flat and we'd been having some trouble with our upstairs lights (upstairs is an openplan kitchen/living room) we have spotlights going right across and they been flicking on and off from time to time nothing major or so i thought, when council came out to have a look at them they said the cables had started melting and basically left any longer and they would have caught on fire majorly! (just want you wana hear when you've got a young baby!) so we currently have no lights upstairs , now the council said they are going to move us and thinking they meant right away we got everything packed up into boxes/bags, but now it turns out the flat they've got planned for us is having some work done on it before we move so have another week or 2 to wait so are currently living out of boxes grr but least its a 2bed instead of a 1bed

Also to give you a little update as you know from my last post i'm pregnant well i went for my 12week scan yesterday, i thought i was 12+2 weeks but they've put me back to 11+5weeks due May 19th, but i don't mind i was just soooo happy to see my little Bubba, he/she had us laughing as during the scan they were jumping up and down lol and then swung their legs up in the air hehe, i was so happy i could have stayed in tht room all day watching my lil Bubba

I hope once i'm finally settled in my new flat to get back up and running with my stitching and the groups etc and i promise i'l try not to leave it too long btw posts again lol


Monday, 5 October 2009

Back ... and with some news

Havent posted in a while been crazy busy and havent even had much opportunity to do stitching :( tho i did manage to do some little stitching on my Monopoly Board the other night :) will post update on Monday

Now my news :D about 4 weeks ago we discovered that I am pregnant again, now it has been an incredibly nervous time esp following my previous mc's but because of them i was sent for an early scan last Monday (28/09) and we were over the moon to see our little bean and more importantly his/her's little heartbeat beating :):)

Now i was going to wait until i had my 12 week scan before announcing but now we know baby is ok i feel so happy and wanted to share my news :), and now all the worry etc is over (for now lol) i can relax alot more and get back into my stitching :)


Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Monopoly Board: Week 12

I am quite pleased this week with the progress I've made, been trying to make more time for it this week and I think it's paid off lol

Close up of 'Community Chest' (half finished), 'Bow Street', 'Marylebone Station' and 'Northumberland Avenue':

Thursday, 13 August 2009

A Row Of Christmas Fairies: Week 6

Just like the Monopoly Board I didn't get much stitched on this on in the last few weeks, so I was determined to make some progress, so yesterday and today every spare moment I got I did some work on it, and I'm quite pleased with how much I managed to get done tho I don't think the picture does it any justice:

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Monopoly Week 11 Update

Well my daughter Caitlyn is only 18 months, but it would seem we have entered the terrible 2's 6 months early, she's started screaming, throwing tandrums and throwing herself on the floor if she doesnt get to do what she wants, or we take something off she's not allowed, so we've introduced the naughty chair. She's kept me pretty busy lately so havent had much time for stitching but been getting it going again last few days so hopefully it'll pick up again soon.

The board as it is at the moment:

Close up of 'The Jail' all finished now :)

Close up of 'Pall Mall' and 'Electric Company' when I orded my thread etc I seemed to have missed the thread for Pall Mall etc so will have to order it and come back to this section:

Friday, 31 July 2009

A Row Of Christmas Fairies: Week 4

As i was away last week i didn't get a chance to do any work on this one, and this week has been a busy week with my daughter deciding she likes to wake at 4-4.30 and then being an active bean all day by time she down to bed, im struggling to stay awake let along concentrate on my stitching but im trying to do some where i can, and have managed to get a little done on this one this week:

Monday, 27 July 2009

Monopoly Week 9 Update

Back from my holiday feeling refreshed and recharged :-), had a fantastic time shame couldnt have stayed for longer lol, wasn't allowed to take my stitching with me :( so tried to get as much as i could done before we went and been catching up a little since getting back:

Up close of 'Old Kent Road', 'Community Chest', 'Whitehall' and 'Income Tax':

Up close of 'Kings Cross Station', 'The Angel Islington', 'Chance', 'Euston Road' and 'Pentonville Road':

Up close of 'The Jail'
still unfinished at the moment:

Does the pound sign (£) look ok? or do you think it could do with improving? Honest opinions please lol, I couldnt find a £ i could copy so fiddled around with this one hoping it looks ok xx

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Received an award!

Received this award from Maureen thank you so much its a lovely gesture :) now im to pass it on to 7 others, this is hard as ive seen loads of blogs and its always lovely to see other peoples work and everyone does such beautiful work, ok im rambling now lol here goes:


Ok that so wasn't easy to pick just 7 i have seen soo many blogs through Friendly Stitchers and Monopoly SAL (i know i don't always leave a comment will do more often from now on lol) and everyone does such beautiful work wish could pass this on to you all but think i'd been here all day writing everyone down lol

Friday, 17 July 2009

A Row Of Christmas Fairies: Week 2

Has we are away on Monday for the week I've been busy washing, ironing and packing what we what to take (and as is always the case having to re-wash some bits lol) I havent been able to add too much to this one this week but think its looking pretty good so far :).

Nearly ready for hol now just last few bits to buy and couple more bits to wash and iron then we all set :D cant wait to get by the sea just hope the weather goes our way lol

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Monopoly Week 7 Update

Week 7 and feel im getting somewhere with the first row have 'coloured in' Pentonville, Euston Road and The Angel Islington, completed the train for Kings Cross Station and have made a start on the chest for the 1st community chest and the Jail

Wont be on to update next week as i am away on holiday to the coast x

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Bothy Threads - Row of Christmas Fairies

A while back now i wrote to one of the magazines i subscribe to (The World of Cross Stitching) and my story got printed and as a prize they sent me this kit, i started it (well i say started i did a couple of lines lol) then it just kind of got forgotten about, but a group ive joined on Yahoo called Friendly Stitchers has a UFO (Unfinished Objects) Day every Thursday so i thought i'd pick it up again and i must admit im quite enjoying it :) and its a nice distraction from my Monopoly Board.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Monopoly Week 6 Update

Can't believe i've been working on this for 6weeks now and its really starting to take shape now and im really happy with it, has you can see i've now finished the border and black lines and have finally started to 'colour' in the properties with Old Kent Road and Whitehall completed.

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Week 5 Monopoly Update

Well yesterday was 5weeks since i started on my Monopoly board and this is my progress so far as you can see i have almost completed the black outlines and am hoping to have them finished by next weeks update, and to hopefully have started on the 'colouring in' of the properties, but we'll see how far i actually get ... lol

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Catch Up

Well been a while since i last updated been a bit of a hectic month, shortly after my sisters arrival i found out i was expecting again myself but sadly nearly 2wks ago i started bleeding and hospital have said i have miscarried, i have to go for another scan on wedsnesday just confirm but they are pretty sure and a pregnancy test i did a week ago is now saying negative, as gutted as i am i have to hang on to the fact that these things happen for a reason and i will have another baby when its meant to be :), me and my partner Mark are going away with our daughter to the coast for a week next month and i cant wait

In stitching news ive been working on my monopoly board and as of Monday i finished the border, took me 3 weeks tho lol, have now started on the black lines will update with new pictures soon, mum has asked me to do a birth sampler for my baby sister and one of my other sisters as she didnt have one done at birth so am currently on the lookout for some and hoping to get started soon

Has it fathers day would like to wish a massive Happy Fathers Day to my partner Mark and hope he has a great day, and Happy Fathers Day to all Daddies out there :)

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

New Addition

My mum gave birth to my baby sister Monday 18th May 2009 at 11.57pm weighing 8lb 9.5oz :)

Forgot to update aswell that they finally settled on a name and my sister has been named Millie

Saturday, 9 May 2009


Been a short while since my last post, I received my chart for the Monopoly cross stitch on Wednesday, many thanks to Shelley (who created the Monopoly SAL group which i joined on yahoo groups) for sending me the chart, I am really looking forward to getting started on it but have to wait til next week but have kept myself busy in the mean time by adapting the chart from the American board to the British one which has been fun but am having a bit of a struggle finding a cross stitch design for the £ sign but I'm sure I will :)

I also recently found another little cover kit which I hadn't gotten round to stitching yet call
ed Somebunny to Love so I said down the other day and completed it and have to say am really happy with it :)

Last July my nan sadly passed away from cancer, and as a gift for my mum I stitched the Eulogy from her funeral added a couple of doves (my nan loved them) and a border and was really pleased with the result so sent a picture of it to a magazine I subscribe to 'The World of Cross Stitching' and am really happy as they printed it in issue 151 and I have received a craft light and two cross stitch kits to keep me busy and add to my 'to stitch' list lol

In other news my mum is 39+4 weeks pregnant with baby due on Tuesday, we have had several false alarms but it would appear my sister is determined ti stay put, mum is hoping she will make an arrival soon getting exicted now at meeting my new little sister but will be little weird as my own daughter is 15months so will have an aunt 15mnths younger then her lol

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Waiting ...

I'm really excited today (sad I know lol) but I will be soon be starting the Monopoly SAL, I am being sent the chart from America today and am sooo impatient now lol wish I was receiving it today so I could get started guess I'm going to have wait lol ...

In the meantime I found a little cover kit from an old magazine that I hadn't got round to doing so I spent the day yesterday completing it and I'm quite pleased with the outcome :)

Monday, 27 April 2009

Starting note...

Well here goes lol, this is the first time that i have ever kept a blog but I'm planning on really picking up my cross stitching and would like a place where I can keep track of my progress and make comments about my work and so on etc lol so here goes ...