Sunday, 21 June 2009

Catch Up

Well been a while since i last updated been a bit of a hectic month, shortly after my sisters arrival i found out i was expecting again myself but sadly nearly 2wks ago i started bleeding and hospital have said i have miscarried, i have to go for another scan on wedsnesday just confirm but they are pretty sure and a pregnancy test i did a week ago is now saying negative, as gutted as i am i have to hang on to the fact that these things happen for a reason and i will have another baby when its meant to be :), me and my partner Mark are going away with our daughter to the coast for a week next month and i cant wait

In stitching news ive been working on my monopoly board and as of Monday i finished the border, took me 3 weeks tho lol, have now started on the black lines will update with new pictures soon, mum has asked me to do a birth sampler for my baby sister and one of my other sisters as she didnt have one done at birth so am currently on the lookout for some and hoping to get started soon

Has it fathers day would like to wish a massive Happy Fathers Day to my partner Mark and hope he has a great day, and Happy Fathers Day to all Daddies out there :)

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  1. Hope you are keeping well now and looking forward to your break at the sea....

    Am looking forward to seeing your progress on monopoly - that's quite a bit of outlining you had to do there!