Monday, 27 July 2009

Monopoly Week 9 Update

Back from my holiday feeling refreshed and recharged :-), had a fantastic time shame couldnt have stayed for longer lol, wasn't allowed to take my stitching with me :( so tried to get as much as i could done before we went and been catching up a little since getting back:

Up close of 'Old Kent Road', 'Community Chest', 'Whitehall' and 'Income Tax':

Up close of 'Kings Cross Station', 'The Angel Islington', 'Chance', 'Euston Road' and 'Pentonville Road':

Up close of 'The Jail'
still unfinished at the moment:

Does the pound sign (£) look ok? or do you think it could do with improving? Honest opinions please lol, I couldnt find a £ i could copy so fiddled around with this one hoping it looks ok xx


  1. That looks great. I had forgotten you are doing a different version then the one I am doing. Very nice work Michelle!