Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Monopoly Week 11 Update

Well my daughter Caitlyn is only 18 months, but it would seem we have entered the terrible 2's 6 months early, she's started screaming, throwing tandrums and throwing herself on the floor if she doesnt get to do what she wants, or we take something off she's not allowed, so we've introduced the naughty chair. She's kept me pretty busy lately so havent had much time for stitching but been getting it going again last few days so hopefully it'll pick up again soon.

The board as it is at the moment:

Close up of 'The Jail' all finished now :)

Close up of 'Pall Mall' and 'Electric Company' when I orded my thread etc I seemed to have missed the thread for Pall Mall etc so will have to order it and come back to this section:


  1. I love it! What are you going to do with the finished piece? Are you going to use it as a playing board?

  2. Thanks :) tbh i cant decide at the mo, originally i had decided to frame it and hang it but after seeing everyones finishes got me thinking and i now have no idea lol x