Monday, 5 October 2009

Back ... and with some news

Havent posted in a while been crazy busy and havent even had much opportunity to do stitching :( tho i did manage to do some little stitching on my Monopoly Board the other night :) will post update on Monday

Now my news :D about 4 weeks ago we discovered that I am pregnant again, now it has been an incredibly nervous time esp following my previous mc's but because of them i was sent for an early scan last Monday (28/09) and we were over the moon to see our little bean and more importantly his/her's little heartbeat beating :):)

Now i was going to wait until i had my 12 week scan before announcing but now we know baby is ok i feel so happy and wanted to share my news :), and now all the worry etc is over (for now lol) i can relax alot more and get back into my stitching :)