Tuesday, 3 November 2009

I'm Sorry ...

Im very sorry everyone i havent been around too much (again) had a fair bit going on, i currently live in a 1 bed council flat and we'd been having some trouble with our upstairs lights (upstairs is an openplan kitchen/living room) we have spotlights going right across and they been flicking on and off from time to time nothing major or so i thought, when council came out to have a look at them they said the cables had started melting and basically left any longer and they would have caught on fire majorly! (just want you wana hear when you've got a young baby!) so we currently have no lights upstairs , now the council said they are going to move us and thinking they meant right away we got everything packed up into boxes/bags, but now it turns out the flat they've got planned for us is having some work done on it before we move so have another week or 2 to wait so are currently living out of boxes grr but least its a 2bed instead of a 1bed

Also to give you a little update as you know from my last post i'm pregnant well i went for my 12week scan yesterday, i thought i was 12+2 weeks but they've put me back to 11+5weeks due May 19th, but i don't mind i was just soooo happy to see my little Bubba, he/she had us laughing as during the scan they were jumping up and down lol and then swung their legs up in the air hehe, i was so happy i could have stayed in tht room all day watching my lil Bubba

I hope once i'm finally settled in my new flat to get back up and running with my stitching and the groups etc and i promise i'l try not to leave it too long btw posts again lol