Monday, 14 December 2009

I'm Back Online! - Woo Hoo

Hey everyone I'm finally back online after what feels like forever! lol in my last post I mentioned how due to probs with my flat I was being moved by the council, now I assumed i would be moved asap so began packing everywhere up but they took their time getting my new flat ready and it was another 4 weeks until we were given the keys and a week after that that we moved in (27th Nov), then after that we had issues with BT we were due to have our phone line activated the day we moved in but got nothing then we told there was an issue and line couldn't be activated without an enginneer and the earliest they could send someone out was the 9th Dec! and then they activated the line anyway the day before on the 8th BUT it wasnt our number (we had asked to keep our current number) they told us we could change it back to our old number but that we'd have to wait until the 15th! we were told nothing could be done to bring this forward but then spoke to another guy who rang the exchange and they put us in a queue and our number was activated on friday morn (11th), then we found out that instead of transferring our broadband account to our new address someone at BT had cancelled it! and they couldn't re-actvate it until the 18th but after countless phone calls and complaints it was activated Sat lunchtime (again after being told 'impossible' to bring forward) app because of the probs we were caused they escalrated(sp?) the process "at a great cost to BT" too right all their fault so they should pay lol just waiting on our BT Vision to be activated now but been told that should happy friday when they broadband was due to be activated we shall see lol, sorry for the long winded post there lol

On plus side Bubba is growing nicely im now 17+5wks and have begun to feel movements which are lovely :) have my 20wk scan on Jan 5th and am hopeing to be finding out the sex, tho we have already decided on our names :) Chloe Marie for a girl and Lucas James for a boy

Have done some stitching not as much as I would have liked but hopeing to pick up more now we're a little more settled as Monday and I usually update my Monopoly Board on a monday il will take and upload pic and update a little later when my daughter is in bed :)

Take all and chat soon xxx

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