Monday, 14 December 2009

Monopoly Board : Week 29

Been a bit behind both stitching and updating was put on hold for a fair while, as i was moving etc but i'm determined to get back into it and have it finished :) so will hopefully be back to the regular updates :)

The board as it is atm, slowly coming together now :)

Finally got the colour i needed to colour in Northumberland Avenue, Whitehall and Pall Mall

Community Chest and Marylebone Station all finished

Free Parking

I'm currently working on completing the 'reds' and Chance, nearly there


  1. Looking great Michelle, it's really coming along now.

  2. Your board is looking awesome!!

  3. Thanks girls :) i'm determined to get it finished now lol xx

  4. Wow! you are getting there. Looks great.