Sunday, 3 October 2010

Friendly Stitchers Bookmark Exchange

A while back I took part in a bookmark exchange over at Friendly Stitchers  where we were paired up with a partner and we stitched each other a bookmark.

I was paired with Teejay and now we've both sent and received the bookmarks I can post the pics on here (tho i had a little chuckle when i received mine from Teejay lol you'll see why in a mo) and just to add we didn't know what each other was stitching until we received them.

Would just like to say a big thank you to Teejay for my bookmark its lovely :) and has been put to good use already and a another big thank you to Karen for arranging the exchange :)

Bookmark from Me to Teejay:

Bookmark from Teejay to Me:

Michelle xXx

Saturday, 25 September 2010

All Our Yesterdays - First Post

Despite my lack of motivation to work on my UFO, this project has had the opposite, I can't work on it enough lol and I'm really enjoying it come together :)

Picture of how it was last week:

Picture of how it is now:

Michelle xXx

Friday, 24 September 2010

UFO Thursday

I am really struggling with my UFO atm just can't seem to find the motivation to work on it :( but I forced myself to pull it out yesterday and did a couple of stitches not alot but its something lol, hoping my motivation for this one comes back soon as would like it finished

Picture after last week's work:

Picture as it is now:

Michelle xXx

Friday, 17 September 2010

All Our Yesterdays - First Post

Last weeks picture:

Picture as it is now:

Michelle xXx

UFO Thursday

Picture from last week:

Picture as it is now:

Michelle xXx

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Head over to Shelley's blog for a book giveaway :)

Shelley is having a giveaway over on her blog, offering a series of 12 books by Monica Ferris, story centered around Betty Devonshire and her sister's needlework shop "Crewel World" all sound very interesting so if you're a book lover head over for a chance to win a great prize :)

Click here for the link to Shelley's blog

Michelle xXx

Monday, 13 September 2010

Updates ...

I haven't updated on here for a while life and time just seem to be escaping me lol there is just never enough time in the day, plus I went through a stage of not having the motivation for my stitching but I've got my stitching bug back this week and have been doing some whenever I've had a spare moment lol so here are some updates...

My UFO 'Cleaning Can Wait'

There has been quite a bit of stitching done on this piece doesn't look as much as it is as a lot of it was white on white but i'm pleased with how its coming along

Picture from when i last updated:

Picture of where is it now:

My WIP 'All Our Yesterdays - First Post'

Now I haven't posted an update on this one since week 4 and Friday's update would have been week 13 so I'm a little behind on updating and so this one is going to show a dramatic progress, but I am loving seeing this one grow and am working on it loads at the moment so it should carry on progressing well, I'm loving this so much I've recently brought a couple more All Our Yesterdays kits lol 

Picture from when I last updated:

Picture of where it is now: 

Michelle xXx

Friday, 6 August 2010

UFO Thursday

Managed to do some work on my UFO this week and I'm really happy with the progress I've made :) managed to get loads done and am starting to get really excited about finishing it now lol

Unfortately my daughter broke my digital camera a few weeks ago I managed to get it working tho the focus wasn't working but then on Mon it stopped working altogether, so have taken this picture with the camera on my phone it hasn't come out too bad but is a little blurry 

Michelle xXx

Sunday, 1 August 2010


Hi all I haven't updated on here in a while, but have had my hands full with my girls and due to many problems where I live (nightmare neighbours and me having trouble getting out the flat with the girls and my double buggy) we are on a search for a new place to live which is proving  to be more difficult and stressful then I thought but hey ho we WILL get there and hopefully soon lol.

Anyway I thought I would post an update on my UFO 'Cleaning Can Wait', I last posted an update 3weeks ago when it was looking as such:

I did some work on it again the week after but didn't get the chance to update so here is a progress picture from 2 weeks ago:

The week after that I didn't get the chance to do any stitching on it as was a very busy day getting the house tidy etc for a visit i had on the Friday morning but here is a picture from the work I managed to get done this week:

Unfortuately the picture is very blurry this is due to my eldest daughter Caitlyn breaking my camera, I can (obviously lol) still take pictures with it but the focus doesn't work very well, sometimes it does and others it doesn't, very frustrating but can't afford to replace the camera at the moment so it will have to do for now lol, tho I am very happy with the way this is progressing now :) and am looking forward to getting more done on it this week :)

Michelle xXx

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Some stitching updates...

I havent had much time to update lately so i thought as i had 5mins while Chloe sleeps and Caitlyn has her breakfast i would post some update pics of my projects :), there unfortunately hasnt been all that much time for stitching so there hasnt been a great deal of progress but i have tried to do some where i can 

Thursdays are UFO day and last week i was unable to do any work on mine due to more problems with my neighbours (one day we will be able to move away i hope), so i made a point of making sure i did some work on it this week, not a great got done but i managed to get some stitches in at least :)

 Before Pic

After Pic

Friday i was going to post an update on the All Our Yesterdays - First Post, but i got very sleepy (heat seems to do that to me alot) and fell asleep before i got a chance to, and I've realised that since i mentioned i was starting the kit i hadnt posted an update (sorry lol) so here it is, not much to show for it at the moment but hopefully it will grow soon and quickly

All Our Yesterdays - First Post: Week 4

And last but not least is Celtic Summer, she seems to have been forgotten about lately so have been trying to do some more work on it lately have managed to add a fair bit to it tho not as much as i would like to have done

Celtic Summer: Week 25

Michelle xXx

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

My Girlies

Hi all havent had all that much time to stitch lately but am putting in as much as i can, mainly on a bookmark for a exchange which obv can't post until after its been received lol so thought i'd post some up to date pics of my gorgeous girlies :)

 My Beautiful Caitlyn - she does love the park lol 

Chloe such a cutie - even if i am biased haha

Love this pic :)

And this one hehe


Was giving Chloe a cuddle and Caitlyn came up going 'Mummy me me' so let her have a cuddle lol
Sisterly love :)

This one was taken last night :)

Michelle xXx

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Woo Hoo and it's finally finished!!

Ok so it's now 3months late but i've finally put the last stitch in Mum's B&B :D, am so glad to finally see it finished lol now all that is left to do is to buy a frame and give it to mum, am going into town today to buy the frame and hope to give to mum in the next few days :)

The finished product:

Will post another picture wen have it framed 

Michelle xxx

Friday, 25 June 2010

UFO Thursday

Being UFO Thursday i pulled out my 'Cleaning Can Wait', i did do some work on it last week but i wasn't feeling too well so didnt get around to posting an update so am doing a double update this week with pic from how it was 2wks ago, a pic of last weeks progress and finally a pic from yesterdays work, had meant to post this update last night but my 2yr old Caitlyn woke throwing up so was pre-occupied seeing to her

Pic from 2wks ago:

Pic of last weeks progress:

Pic from yesterdays work:

Michelle xxx

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Someone stop me please?? lol

Hi all as some of you may know my Monopoly Board got printed in Cross Stitch Crazy and Britains #1 Crossstitcher magazines

The prize i was told i was receiving form Cross Stitch Crazy hasnt yet arrived but yesterday i received a package from Britain's #1 Crossstitcher, in it i received 6 DMC threads, an embroidery hoop, a little trinket box and a Winnie the Pooh kit all showed below:

Now i just love Winnie the Pooh kits and i'm very tempted to get started on this one lol but i already have more then enough on the go atm so am going to try and stop myself starting this one, please help me? lol

Michelle xxx

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Celtic Summer: Week 21 and a new project

Made a fair bit of progress on my Celtic Summer this week and i'm quite pleased :)

Celtic Summer as she is now:

And i was having a bit of a clearout the other day and came across a All Our Yesterdays kit called First Post, i brought it a while back but the threads were unsorted and i hadn't been keen on sorting them lol as many were very similar but yesterday i sat down and sorted them and put in a couple of stitches and it will now be added amongst my WIPs and will post updates each week :)

Michelle xxx

Friday, 11 June 2010

UFO Thursday

Well pulled out my UFO 'Cleaning Can Wait' yesterday hoping to make some good progress on on it, got Caitlyn down for the night gave Chloe her bottle then added a few stitches however Chloe ended up very unsettled yesterday and seemed to only want to have mummy cuddles (which are seriously addictive for mummy too lol) so ended up spending alot more time cuddled up with Chloe then stitching but a couple of stitches got added so thats some progress lol better then none anyway

Before Pic:

After Pic:

Michelle xxx

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Mum's B&B: Week 14

I meant to post an update on this on Sunday but when i went to take a picture of it i couldnt find my camera, drove me mad searching for it, searched the whole flat with no luck, then yesterday as Mark carried our double buggy downstairs so we could go shopping he found it on the hood of the buggy of all places, the one place i hadnt thought to look lol but i'm just glad its been found as can't afford to replace it atm

This has annoyed and frustrated me this week as i had hoped to power through and have it finished so i can give to my mum as it is already very late, but yet again i have run out of blue and with only a little bit left to go aswell grr lol, will now have to wait until i can next get into town to get some more 

As it is now:

Michelle xxx

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Celtic Summer: Week 20

I meant to post my update yesterday but was out for the day round mums, had planned to post update when got home but got home late sorted the girls out just had time for something to eat then fell asleep lol woops so here it is

I surprised myself this week and actually managed to get quite a bit of stitching done this week, in particularily on Celtic Summer :) and i'm really pleased with how she's coming along 

Celtic Summer as she is now:

Michelle xxx

Thursday, 3 June 2010

UFO Thursday

Pulled out 'Cleaning Can Wait' tonight and am actually quite pleased with how much i managed to get done :)

Before Pic:

After Pic:

Michelle xxx

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Mum's B&B: Week 13

Well it's been over 2months since Mother's day and i've still not managed to get this finished for mum :( but im slowly getting there and only have a little bit left to do so i'm hoping to have it finished but nxt weekend and am pushing the boat out on it lol

Mum's B&B as it is now:

Michelle xxx

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Celtic Summer: Week 19

Has i put in my previous post there hasnt been much time for stitching since Chloe made her arrival but this week i was determined to get back into it lol, there isn't any time for stitching during the day as between Chloe and my 2yr old Caitlyn i have my hands full lol, but as soon as Caitlyn is down for the night i've been doing what stitching i can in between Chloe's feeds, altho i should be using that time for sleeping but oh well lol

Celtic Summer as she is now:
Michelle xxx

Friday, 28 May 2010

UFO Thursday

Since having Chloe 2 weeks ago there hasn't been much time (or energy lol) for stitching, and i've been missing it lol so this week i was determined to put in some stitches and as yesterday was UFO day on Friendly Stitchers i decided to do some work on my UFO 'Cleaning Can Wait' and am quite happy with what i managed to get done in between Chloe's feeds last night lol

Before i started:

After i finished:

Michelle xxx

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Would like to announce....

The arrival of Miss Chloe May Treacy :)

My 2nd daughter made a super fast appearence yesterday 12th May 2010, went to my mum's at lunchtime had a nice day and my dd Caitlyn had fun running around with sisters then mum mentioned she needed to go to Asda to get some shopping in so i said i would go with her (we joked that the trip might start me off haha), we took my dd and my baby sister Millie with us leaving my 2 older sisters at home with their dad.

During the walk around Asda i got a few pains but as ive been having pains on/off since about 32wks i dismissed them thinking they were just more of the same old, got back to mums around 6 and got dd ready and started walking home (df was already walking towards me to meet me) again started getting a few more pains but again dismissed them

Stopped off at chippy as dd was little hungry and we figured we'd have some to tie us over until dinner, got in df changed dd and dished us all up some chips as i was getting more pains which were alot stronger about 6.50pm 5mins after getting in decided to start timing them "just incase" haha, from the go they were coming every 2-3mins and lasting around 20-30secs then started lasting longer 

Around 7.25 decided time to call mum she told me to ring hosp while she got ready and would come get me, she arrived at 7.50pm and we got to hosp just after 8 and told to wait in reception while my room was sorted, whilst waiting pains were coming thick and fast and almost unbareable if it werent for my mum getting me to do my breathing i don't think i would have coped lol, the receptionist could see i was realli struggling and called labour ward to chase progress and they told her to send me dwn

On the walk upto the labour ward i had to stop several times as the pains gripped me, by time i got up there, there were 2 mws waiting at entrance to my room who told me to go straight in, got into the room and one of the mws told me to get onto the bed and that they were going to examine me to see where we were at, literally as i got onto the bed my waters popped and instantly i was gripped with overwhelming need to push, i had coped upto this point by knowing when got to hosp i would have pain relief/gas & air etc but wasnt any time for that and my 2nd daughter was born at 8.31pm weighing 6lb13.5oz

Michelle xxx