Sunday, 31 January 2010

Celtic Summer: Week 2

This week has been very hectic and so haven't had much time to do much stitching but I'm still quite pleased with the progress I've made this week :)

Celtic Summer so far:

Monday, 25 January 2010

Monopoly Board : Week 35

I must admit I'm feeling quite pleased with myself this week lol, last week I set myself the goal of finishing upto Liverpool Street Station at a minimum, I thought I might stuggle to meet this as it was my daughter's 2nd birthday on Saturday so put in some stitching whenever I could, which resulted in my not only meeting my goal but also going further and I managed to finish right up to GO, so now all four sides are complete and the only thing left to do is the middle of the board so I'll be all finished soon lol

The board as it is at the moment:

Close up of Bond Street, Community Chest, Oxford Street and Regent Street:

Close up of Chance and Liverpool Street Station:

Close up of: Mayfair, Super Tax and Park Lane:

Close up of GO:

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Celtic Summer: Week 1

Last Saturday i started a new project Celtic Summer by Lavender & Lace, I'm stitching it on hand dyed fabric Slightly Spring from Sparklies

This is my progress so far ...

Started off the week pretty well got alot of stitching done on it but hasn't been touched in a few days but i'm still quite pleased with my progress so far :)


Saturday, 23 January 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Caitlyn :)

Just a quick note to wish my dd Caitlyn a very happy 2nd birthday :)

We've had a busy day she's been spoiled rotten but even with all her new toys etc what did she want to play with?? the balloons lol

Mum popped round with my lil sisters (they are 6, 4 and 8months) so she's loads of company (tho very hectic lol)

Can't believe how quickly it's came round lol my baby all grown up


Thursday, 21 January 2010

Baby Update 21/01/2010

Hi all just thought i'd give a quick update on baby :)

After the last scan i was told they wanted me back in 2wks to monitor her growth, which we had today and our baby girl looked perfect :)

Consultant scanning me had a student with her which didnt bother me as they all got to learn somewhere and plus i got more time to watch my lil girl as she paused to explain things to him lol

Chloe is growly in proportion to what she should be so do worrys there, consultant said that she is perfectly healthy only 'issue' is her short arms and legs which arent really an issue she's just going to take after mummy lol nothing wrong with that

She did ask if we wanted to be refered to another hosp to look into why the short legs etc but we declined as as i've said before i've got short legs and arms myself and have never had a problem and in every other way our daughter is perfect so don't see the need, if there was an issue that affected her health of course we'd look into it but she's just going to be a shortie like mummy hehe :)

Also on the plus size consultant gave us a lovely pic of Chloe for free :) so cute looks like shes blowing bubbles lol

Monday, 18 January 2010

Monopoly Board : Week 34

Last week i stated my goal this week was to complete Leicester Square, Coventry Street, Water Works and Piccadilly and i managed it :) plus i also managed to complete the Go To Jail Square so quite pleased with myself lol

The Board as it is now:

Close up shot of Leicester Square, Coventry Street, Water Works and Piccadilly:

Close up shot of Go To Jail:

Next weeks goal is to complete up to Liverpool Street Station


Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Monopoly Board : Week 33

As I was close to finishing Row of Christmas Fairies I decided to put Monopoly on hold for a while to allow more time to get Christmas Fairies finished so now its full steam ahead with Monopoly and hopeing to make some good progress, heres the board up to date:

Close up of Fenchurch Street Station, Trafalgar Square, Fleet Street, Chance and Strand:

My goal for this week is to have Leicester Square, Coventry Street, Water Works and Piccadilly finished at a minimum

Friday, 8 January 2010

Row of Christmas Fairies are finally finished :-) lol

Hi all well i've finally got a finish lol :), i was hoping to have this finished before christmas but with the move and everything it got a little delayed but finally i've finished :) better late then never lol

Few close up shots:

I just need to get it framed up now :)


Follow up from last post

First off would lke to thank everyone for their comments they all made me smile :)

Wednesday evening i was getting very nervous i felt everything would be ok but silly me couldnt help overthinking things and getting worried about all the what if's ...

Scan was meant for 11.30am but was being scanned by a consultant and they got called away for an emergency so had to wait for her to come back, finally got scanned at 1pm and she confirmed that baby's legs (and arms app) are a little on the small side but she was happy to rule out downs which was a huge relief, she said from looking at me she felt that baby was just going to take after me :) and be ickle (best things come in small packages as mum always says :))

But she also said it could be a case of slow growth or infection and just to rule them out she's booked me in for another scan in 2wks to check growth and afterwards im to see the consultant to have a blood test to rule out infection

Also with Chloe being ickle :) with my size ive got more of a chance of having her naturally which is great news too :)


Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Baby Update :-)

hey everyone had my 20wk scan today and we're having another girl, lady scanning me had a little trouble looking as she was very active but she said she happy its another girl and from we saw watching we are too :) so Chloe Marie is on her way

Scan went well everything appears to be as it should be :) one area of concern tho is her leg length is a little shorter then expected which she said could be a marker for downs or simply that shes going to be a shortie like me lol (i'm around 4"8), but as all other signs for downs came bk clear she said more likely just a shortie but they dont want to dismiss it jus incase so got to discuss it with my consultant on thurs and go from what they say then but will prob be offered a amino and since leaving the hospital ive had phone booking me in for a more detailed scan on thursday morning so that when i see consultant thursday afternoon he will have all info poss to discuss it properly but all in all seems ok im convinced shes just gona be a shortie but im glad they making sure