Thursday, 21 January 2010

Baby Update 21/01/2010

Hi all just thought i'd give a quick update on baby :)

After the last scan i was told they wanted me back in 2wks to monitor her growth, which we had today and our baby girl looked perfect :)

Consultant scanning me had a student with her which didnt bother me as they all got to learn somewhere and plus i got more time to watch my lil girl as she paused to explain things to him lol

Chloe is growly in proportion to what she should be so do worrys there, consultant said that she is perfectly healthy only 'issue' is her short arms and legs which arent really an issue she's just going to take after mummy lol nothing wrong with that

She did ask if we wanted to be refered to another hosp to look into why the short legs etc but we declined as as i've said before i've got short legs and arms myself and have never had a problem and in every other way our daughter is perfect so don't see the need, if there was an issue that affected her health of course we'd look into it but she's just going to be a shortie like mummy hehe :)

Also on the plus size consultant gave us a lovely pic of Chloe for free :) so cute looks like shes blowing bubbles lol


  1. My first thought - she's blowing bubbles! How precious is that?

  2. Awesome - so sweet! And she does look like she's blowing bubbles!

  3. omg that is such a great scan - technology is a wonderful thing. and now all i've got in my head is "i'm forever blowing bubbles" lol!