Friday, 8 January 2010

Follow up from last post

First off would lke to thank everyone for their comments they all made me smile :)

Wednesday evening i was getting very nervous i felt everything would be ok but silly me couldnt help overthinking things and getting worried about all the what if's ...

Scan was meant for 11.30am but was being scanned by a consultant and they got called away for an emergency so had to wait for her to come back, finally got scanned at 1pm and she confirmed that baby's legs (and arms app) are a little on the small side but she was happy to rule out downs which was a huge relief, she said from looking at me she felt that baby was just going to take after me :) and be ickle (best things come in small packages as mum always says :))

But she also said it could be a case of slow growth or infection and just to rule them out she's booked me in for another scan in 2wks to check growth and afterwards im to see the consultant to have a blood test to rule out infection

Also with Chloe being ickle :) with my size ive got more of a chance of having her naturally which is great news too :)



  1. Great news! Now you can relax and enjoy the GROWing Chloe!

  2. Wonderful news Michelle, Im sure you're all relieved, praying all contiues to go well and Chloe's debut is a joyous experience however she arrives! ~Karen

  3. Thanks girls :) cant wait to meet her now :-) xxxx