Monday, 25 January 2010

Monopoly Board : Week 35

I must admit I'm feeling quite pleased with myself this week lol, last week I set myself the goal of finishing upto Liverpool Street Station at a minimum, I thought I might stuggle to meet this as it was my daughter's 2nd birthday on Saturday so put in some stitching whenever I could, which resulted in my not only meeting my goal but also going further and I managed to finish right up to GO, so now all four sides are complete and the only thing left to do is the middle of the board so I'll be all finished soon lol

The board as it is at the moment:

Close up of Bond Street, Community Chest, Oxford Street and Regent Street:

Close up of Chance and Liverpool Street Station:

Close up of: Mayfair, Super Tax and Park Lane:

Close up of GO:


  1. That is coing along great!

  2. great work Michelle - it'll soon be ready to play...

  3. WooHoo!! Major happy dance for you!!

  4. Michelle it looks wonderful. Congrats.