Saturday, 17 April 2010

Back home :)

Hi would like to say big thank you for the messages :), i am now back home they have said all tests have come back clear/normal so can't explain why i'm so breathless and heart racing, the only thing they can suggest is anxcity(sp?) and down to the fact im amemic(sp?) whilst in hosp was on antibiotics and iron tablets which they've given me to continue at home and ive been told to up my dosage of iron tabs from 2 times a day to 3.

Ive got one more blood test result to wait on (the one where they checking for Lupus) but got app with my cons for next thurs at 3.30 as follow up/check up and been told will get results then

But for now am just happy to be back home :D, tho my partner and mum are fussing no end lol always checking tht im ok and when Mark's at work im under orders not to be on my own so have been going over to mums so being well looked over and not allowed to do much but hopefully wont be for long and this little madam will be here lol 

Michelle xxx

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