Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Sorry havent been around much lately

Hi all sorry i havent been around much lately, had a few probs with our neighbours (which thankfully seem to be resolved now) that was getting me down and stressed and so was having apps with my doctor and health visitor, then at 32wks i started getting realli bad pains, been having tightenings for a while but these altho not reg where constant all day had consultant app tht day so mentioned it to him and due to my history with my daughter (threatened early delivery at 32wks induced at 36wks) he admitted me, stayed overnight but was allowed home next day when things had calmed dwn.

Following week at 33wks had a growth scan (which went well and bubs estimated weight was around 3lb9) and afterwards was asked how things had been since was admitted week before, as i was still getting pains (tho again still not reg) i was sent to day assessment unit to be checked who as a precaution again due to my history admitted me onto ward, again stayed overnight and was allowed home next day.

Then last tuesday (6th April) at 33+6 came into hosp again as was unsure whether waters had broken was kept in all day checked over etc then allowed home that night after confirming my waters hadnt gone and were still intact, but had docs app in the morn for something unrelated but while there mentioned to her that i had had times where my heart would start racing wasnt sure if was anything but thought best to mention, she decided to check me over there and then and discovered my heart racing so said she wanted me to go hosp to be checked over, had my 2yr old daughter with me so worried but figured mum was on route to hosp could drop her there on way but then doc said my heart was racing so fast she didnt want me making my own way and so called an ambulance for me which just  sent me into panic, but the ambulance staff were lovely, my oh was at work (1-2hrs away) and mum cudnt get to me stairght away so sent my little brother to hosp to pick my daughter up and take her to mums so didnt have to worry about her.

Was told they were concerned about a possible blood clot or could be a bad chest infection (also have barking cough which doesnt want to leave and sore throat), had all my stats etc checked all fine except my pulse rate kept jumping btw 80-130, at 4pm weds i was sent for a chest xray (they covered bump area so no risk to baby) which they said was fine but showed slight chest infection, on friday i was sent dwn for echo scan which i was told showed slight abnormality but they were unsure whether this was just dwn to my heart racing at the time, i was then taped up to a 24hr ecg monitor and then sent for ct scan (had to take ecg monitor off as to not affect scan and put bk on after) i was told later the ct scan showed no blood clots which is obv a good thing, and yesterday was told ecg was fine too so good news

Fri night, Sat morn and again 10am Sat my pulse was racing (around 120-125) so they decided to give me beta blockers they had wanted to avoid them if poss due to the pregnancy but said didnt want to leave my pulse racing tht high, since then my oulse has been low but starts racing again the nxt day so literally only thing keeping it dwn is the beta blockers but i cnt stay on them for too long and yesterday had to be given the beta blocker early as on checking pulse was 135bpm 

Mon i had to have a blood test (rather 5 lol) as they wanted to test for a condition called Lupus, my mum has Rheumatoid Arthritis which is app along similar lines, so atm im just waiting for them results to come back, i'm hoping they make the decision to induce me soon as feel i can cope a bit better without the extra strain of the pregnancy, atm im still in hosp :( is very hard esp being away from my little girl but am hoping to get some answers soon and get back to some normality, and if you managed to read all that well done lol and thank you 

Michelle xxxx


  1. You are in my prayers. I know all about the problems you are having. I went through this with my first son, now 29 yrs old. All the best.

  2. Michelle, I'm so sorry to hear about all the problems during your pregnancy. Hope this is all related to infection or situation and can be resolved soon. Will pray for you.

  3. So sorry to hear what you are going through, Michelle. Sending positive thoughts your way. (((big hugs)))

  4. Michelle, sending you many healing thoughts and cyber hugs. I hope they are able to get your racing heart rate under control and you can actually enjoy the end of your pregnancy. Good luck...