Friday, 23 April 2010

UFO Thursday

On one of the groups I'm a member of Friendly Stitchers Thursdays is UFO day and up to now havent had any UFO's just WIP's, but about 4-6wks ago I brought myself a new kit Cleaning Can Wait by Joan Elliott:

I made a start on it and planned to put it into rotation with my other 2 projects atm but with all my in and out of hospital etc it got kind of forgotten so has now kind of become a UFO but would like to see it finished so have placed it on my list for Thursday's UFO so even if I don't do much something will be done on it lol

Progress up to yesterday morning:

Progress after doing some work on it yesterday didn't get much done as didnt home from cons app yesterday til late and after eating dinner and doing a little work on it starting getting pains in my bump so put it down and went for a lay down:



  1. A great start on a cute design :o)

  2. Every stitch counts. And, this design is cute!

  3. I love this design. It will look great and of course, the advice given is very good too. Babies grow up too fast!