Sunday, 30 May 2010

Mum's B&B: Week 13

Well it's been over 2months since Mother's day and i've still not managed to get this finished for mum :( but im slowly getting there and only have a little bit left to do so i'm hoping to have it finished but nxt weekend and am pushing the boat out on it lol

Mum's B&B as it is now:

Michelle xxx

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Celtic Summer: Week 19

Has i put in my previous post there hasnt been much time for stitching since Chloe made her arrival but this week i was determined to get back into it lol, there isn't any time for stitching during the day as between Chloe and my 2yr old Caitlyn i have my hands full lol, but as soon as Caitlyn is down for the night i've been doing what stitching i can in between Chloe's feeds, altho i should be using that time for sleeping but oh well lol

Celtic Summer as she is now:
Michelle xxx

Friday, 28 May 2010

UFO Thursday

Since having Chloe 2 weeks ago there hasn't been much time (or energy lol) for stitching, and i've been missing it lol so this week i was determined to put in some stitches and as yesterday was UFO day on Friendly Stitchers i decided to do some work on my UFO 'Cleaning Can Wait' and am quite happy with what i managed to get done in between Chloe's feeds last night lol

Before i started:

After i finished:

Michelle xxx

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Would like to announce....

The arrival of Miss Chloe May Treacy :)

My 2nd daughter made a super fast appearence yesterday 12th May 2010, went to my mum's at lunchtime had a nice day and my dd Caitlyn had fun running around with sisters then mum mentioned she needed to go to Asda to get some shopping in so i said i would go with her (we joked that the trip might start me off haha), we took my dd and my baby sister Millie with us leaving my 2 older sisters at home with their dad.

During the walk around Asda i got a few pains but as ive been having pains on/off since about 32wks i dismissed them thinking they were just more of the same old, got back to mums around 6 and got dd ready and started walking home (df was already walking towards me to meet me) again started getting a few more pains but again dismissed them

Stopped off at chippy as dd was little hungry and we figured we'd have some to tie us over until dinner, got in df changed dd and dished us all up some chips as i was getting more pains which were alot stronger about 6.50pm 5mins after getting in decided to start timing them "just incase" haha, from the go they were coming every 2-3mins and lasting around 20-30secs then started lasting longer 

Around 7.25 decided time to call mum she told me to ring hosp while she got ready and would come get me, she arrived at 7.50pm and we got to hosp just after 8 and told to wait in reception while my room was sorted, whilst waiting pains were coming thick and fast and almost unbareable if it werent for my mum getting me to do my breathing i don't think i would have coped lol, the receptionist could see i was realli struggling and called labour ward to chase progress and they told her to send me dwn

On the walk upto the labour ward i had to stop several times as the pains gripped me, by time i got up there, there were 2 mws waiting at entrance to my room who told me to go straight in, got into the room and one of the mws told me to get onto the bed and that they were going to examine me to see where we were at, literally as i got onto the bed my waters popped and instantly i was gripped with overwhelming need to push, i had coped upto this point by knowing when got to hosp i would have pain relief/gas & air etc but wasnt any time for that and my 2nd daughter was born at 8.31pm weighing 6lb13.5oz

Michelle xxx

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Mum's B&B: Week 10

Well unfortunately after everything I still havent managed to finish this for mum and mothers day being 14th March its a little late (woops lol), but i am pleased with the progress that i'm finally making on it and am hoping to have it finished soon, just need to get some more blue to finish the outside part then im done :) woo hoo lol now the question is will i finish before or after i have the baby? lol

Progress so far:

Michelle xxx

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Celtic Summer: Week 16

As i mentioned briefly below, last week i didnt get very much if any stitching done week before last so i didn't update last weekend, have managed to put in some stitching this week tho atm there doesnt seem much difference to this project lol hopefully have more to show for my time soon 

Celtic Summer as she is now:

Michelle xxx

Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Hi all I didnt get very much stitching done last week, very little in fact and that's why i didnt post any updates but am trying hard to make up for it this week and so should have something to update with at end of week :)

Thursday didnt get a chance to work on my UFO as had a growth scan on baby at 3.50pm (they were concerned as bump was measuring 30-31cm at 36wks) scan went well and baby is just a little on the short side which we already knew and her current estimated weight is 6lb1oz (eek! lol), this is all new to me as will be 38wks tomorrow and with my dd i'd had her at 36wks weighing 4lb15oz so am getting a little nervous now hehe. Anyway back to my point by time we had had scan picked dd up from my mums and got home and had dinner etc i was so tired i fell asleep shortly after dd went down lol so didnt have any time to work on my UFO.

Michelle xxx

p.s lady that scanned us Thurs was very lovely and friendly and took her time getting the measurements so that we could a good look at bubs :) and she even gave us a free piccy :D it's not very clear as obv bubs is getting alot bigger now and hard to get good shot of her: