Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Hi all I didnt get very much stitching done last week, very little in fact and that's why i didnt post any updates but am trying hard to make up for it this week and so should have something to update with at end of week :)

Thursday didnt get a chance to work on my UFO as had a growth scan on baby at 3.50pm (they were concerned as bump was measuring 30-31cm at 36wks) scan went well and baby is just a little on the short side which we already knew and her current estimated weight is 6lb1oz (eek! lol), this is all new to me as will be 38wks tomorrow and with my dd i'd had her at 36wks weighing 4lb15oz so am getting a little nervous now hehe. Anyway back to my point by time we had had scan picked dd up from my mums and got home and had dinner etc i was so tired i fell asleep shortly after dd went down lol so didnt have any time to work on my UFO.

Michelle xxx

p.s lady that scanned us Thurs was very lovely and friendly and took her time getting the measurements so that we could a good look at bubs :) and she even gave us a free piccy :D it's not very clear as obv bubs is getting alot bigger now and hard to get good shot of her:


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  1. Awesome pic!! I hope u and baby are doing well.