Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Mum's B&B: Week 14

I meant to post an update on this on Sunday but when i went to take a picture of it i couldnt find my camera, drove me mad searching for it, searched the whole flat with no luck, then yesterday as Mark carried our double buggy downstairs so we could go shopping he found it on the hood of the buggy of all places, the one place i hadnt thought to look lol but i'm just glad its been found as can't afford to replace it atm

This has annoyed and frustrated me this week as i had hoped to power through and have it finished so i can give to my mum as it is already very late, but yet again i have run out of blue and with only a little bit left to go aswell grr lol, will now have to wait until i can next get into town to get some more 

As it is now:

Michelle xxx


  1. Hi Michelle,

    I just found your blog while surfing on the internet. I love the projects you are stitching. Nice to see Celtic Summer, I have this one on my wishlist :) But I'm stitching Celtic Christmas for the moment.

    I'm looking forward to see your progress on your stitching.

    Greetings from Belgium,


  2. Oh, your so close to completeing this. It looks great.