Friday, 25 June 2010

UFO Thursday

Being UFO Thursday i pulled out my 'Cleaning Can Wait', i did do some work on it last week but i wasn't feeling too well so didnt get around to posting an update so am doing a double update this week with pic from how it was 2wks ago, a pic of last weeks progress and finally a pic from yesterdays work, had meant to post this update last night but my 2yr old Caitlyn woke throwing up so was pre-occupied seeing to her

Pic from 2wks ago:

Pic of last weeks progress:

Pic from yesterdays work:

Michelle xxx


  1. It's looking good. I can see it growing!

  2. Definitely growing :o)

  3. Ohh you are getting there. keep going!! I did a small cross stitching and it took me forever.

    - With love from Hali