Wednesday, 7 July 2010

My Girlies

Hi all havent had all that much time to stitch lately but am putting in as much as i can, mainly on a bookmark for a exchange which obv can't post until after its been received lol so thought i'd post some up to date pics of my gorgeous girlies :)

 My Beautiful Caitlyn - she does love the park lol 

Chloe such a cutie - even if i am biased haha

Love this pic :)

And this one hehe


Was giving Chloe a cuddle and Caitlyn came up going 'Mummy me me' so let her have a cuddle lol
Sisterly love :)

This one was taken last night :)

Michelle xXx


  1. Awww... your girls are beautiful! And they look so lovey dovey toward each other!! Hope you can sort things out with your neighbor soon! That has to be sooooo hard. *Hugs*

  2. Such pretty ladies! I remember when mine were that small and cute...oh to turn back the clock LOL

  3. Thanks all i'm loving these times with my girlies, Caitlyn is growing up too quickly and soon so will Chloe :( lol, but always have my camera at the ready hehe my partner says i take too many pictures but oh well lol i love looking back on them :) xxx