Saturday, 10 July 2010

Some stitching updates...

I havent had much time to update lately so i thought as i had 5mins while Chloe sleeps and Caitlyn has her breakfast i would post some update pics of my projects :), there unfortunately hasnt been all that much time for stitching so there hasnt been a great deal of progress but i have tried to do some where i can 

Thursdays are UFO day and last week i was unable to do any work on mine due to more problems with my neighbours (one day we will be able to move away i hope), so i made a point of making sure i did some work on it this week, not a great got done but i managed to get some stitches in at least :)

 Before Pic

After Pic

Friday i was going to post an update on the All Our Yesterdays - First Post, but i got very sleepy (heat seems to do that to me alot) and fell asleep before i got a chance to, and I've realised that since i mentioned i was starting the kit i hadnt posted an update (sorry lol) so here it is, not much to show for it at the moment but hopefully it will grow soon and quickly

All Our Yesterdays - First Post: Week 4

And last but not least is Celtic Summer, she seems to have been forgotten about lately so have been trying to do some more work on it lately have managed to add a fair bit to it tho not as much as i would like to have done

Celtic Summer: Week 25

Michelle xXx


  1. Great progress on everything. Each stitch is a step forward. Celtic Summer looks great.