Sunday, 1 August 2010


Hi all I haven't updated on here in a while, but have had my hands full with my girls and due to many problems where I live (nightmare neighbours and me having trouble getting out the flat with the girls and my double buggy) we are on a search for a new place to live which is proving  to be more difficult and stressful then I thought but hey ho we WILL get there and hopefully soon lol.

Anyway I thought I would post an update on my UFO 'Cleaning Can Wait', I last posted an update 3weeks ago when it was looking as such:

I did some work on it again the week after but didn't get the chance to update so here is a progress picture from 2 weeks ago:

The week after that I didn't get the chance to do any stitching on it as was a very busy day getting the house tidy etc for a visit i had on the Friday morning but here is a picture from the work I managed to get done this week:

Unfortuately the picture is very blurry this is due to my eldest daughter Caitlyn breaking my camera, I can (obviously lol) still take pictures with it but the focus doesn't work very well, sometimes it does and others it doesn't, very frustrating but can't afford to replace the camera at the moment so it will have to do for now lol, tho I am very happy with the way this is progressing now :) and am looking forward to getting more done on it this week :)

Michelle xXx

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