Friday, 24 September 2010

UFO Thursday

I am really struggling with my UFO atm just can't seem to find the motivation to work on it :( but I forced myself to pull it out yesterday and did a couple of stitches not alot but its something lol, hoping my motivation for this one comes back soon as would like it finished

Picture after last week's work:

Picture as it is now:

Michelle xXx


  1. Aww Michelle, I hate it when that happens, just looking at something thinking 'I ought to do some of that', I have to admit that I'm suffering the opposite at the moment, loads of motivation and no time to give it!
    It is looking lovely though, hope you get your mojo back :-)

  2. Thanks :) I'm fine with my other project and I've got others waiting that I'm itching to start it's just this one I've lost my motivation with :( but I'm determined to perserve and keep getting it out each Thursday, hope you find the time to make use of your motivation lol xx