Monday, 13 September 2010

Updates ...

I haven't updated on here for a while life and time just seem to be escaping me lol there is just never enough time in the day, plus I went through a stage of not having the motivation for my stitching but I've got my stitching bug back this week and have been doing some whenever I've had a spare moment lol so here are some updates...

My UFO 'Cleaning Can Wait'

There has been quite a bit of stitching done on this piece doesn't look as much as it is as a lot of it was white on white but i'm pleased with how its coming along

Picture from when i last updated:

Picture of where is it now:

My WIP 'All Our Yesterdays - First Post'

Now I haven't posted an update on this one since week 4 and Friday's update would have been week 13 so I'm a little behind on updating and so this one is going to show a dramatic progress, but I am loving seeing this one grow and am working on it loads at the moment so it should carry on progressing well, I'm loving this so much I've recently brought a couple more All Our Yesterdays kits lol 

Picture from when I last updated:

Picture of where it is now: 

Michelle xXx