Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Updates :)

Thought I would post some updates here is Cleaning Can Wait when I last updated 8th July:

And here it is now:

It's coming along nicely :) hopefully won't be long til its done *fingers crossed* lol

You might remember me posting previously my progress on Chloe's Tatty Teddy Birth Sampler well I've since brought another one to do for Caitlyn and am also doing one (same as Caitlyn's) for my nephew after I offered my brothers girlfriend I would do one for her. As they are the same pattern am going to post their progresses together :). This is the chart:

Here is the progress on Caitlyn's:

And the progress on Daniel's:

Michelle xXx

Hello :)

Hi sorry (again) for leaving it so long before updating again, been a busy bee planning well my career path really. I hope to one day become a midwife and I think I mentioned somewhere on here that I'm due to start an introduction to health and social care course in Oct this was to boost my grades so that I could get into university to study midwifery, had planned to apply to start next Sept but after some thought I decided not to Chloe will only be 2 then and depending when uni lectures would be and what shifts my placements would be would be alot to juggle, have decided to wait until either 2013 when she'll be in nursery or 2014 when she'll start reception and fulltime school, and in the meantime am going to do a couple more health related courses with the Open University and try and gain some experience :).
Stitching has taken a bit of a back seat atm :( but am is slowly picking up pace again :) have done some work on Cleaning Can Wait (will post pic once girls are in bed in a bit), and have some new projects planned I have a tatty teddy birth sampler to do for my eldest Caitlyn, did any of you see the tatty teddy pattern in Cross Stitch Crazy's latest mag? I've kitted that out ready to do as think it'll match the girls samplers perfectly for their room :D, plus have also planned to do the same tatty pattern for my nephew Daniel's sampler :)

Will post again soon hope everyone is ok and well :) 

Michelle xXx

Friday, 8 July 2011

Update: Cleaning Can Wait

As Aimee's Birth Sampler was so close to completion I put 'Cleaning Can Wait' on hold for a while to finish it, but now its finished (yay :) ) I have brought 'Cleaning Can Wait' out so thought I'd show you an update, I'm really pleased with how its coming along :)

here is where it was when I last updated 4th June 2011:
And here is now 8th July 2011:

I'm really pleased with how it's coming together and can't wait to have it finished :)

Michelle xXx 

Friday, 1 July 2011

Aimee's Birth Sampler Finished :D

I've finally finished Aimee's Birth Sampler :D

The finished project:

Some close ups:

Michelle xXx

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Update: Aimee's Birth Sampler

Ok let's try this again, tried posting this this morning but some reason it wouldn't let me :(

Well last night I finished the backstitching on Bunny B, tho again the eyes aren't done yet but will do all three bunnies eyes together at the end :).
Just now I have started the backstitching on Bunny C and I'm hoping that either tonight or tomorrow this will be finished :D woo 

Progress as of last night (29/06/11):

Michelle xXx

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Update: Aimee's Birth Sampler

I am nearing the end on this one and it is getting really exciting seeing it really coming to life with the backstitch :)
Progress as of Sunday (26/06/11):
All the cross stitching done, and the only backstitching left to do is the bunnies

And progress as of yesterday (27/06/11):

Backstitch on bunny A is done, well except for the eyes but that's a different thread so I'll come back to finish them later.

Michelle xXx

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Hello :)

Sorry I've gone a little quiet again, just atm Chloe is teething badly these last 2 weeks we've had 6 new teeth cut through but she's still showing all the signs (drilling, chewing etc) so I think theres still more to come :( my poor baby, but she'd had me up all hours so I've been shattered I get up around 4-5am with the girls see to them then play some of the facebook games to wake myself up a bit, then very opportunity I'm grabbing my stitching and getting a few stitches in lol.

Cleaning Can Wait has unfortunately taken a bit of a backseat again, purely because I am so nearly finished with Aimee's birth sampler so I'm getting really excited and trying to get it finished lol haven't take a recent picture but will take one soon and get it posted up :), then once its completed I will be getting back into Cleaning Can Wait.

Now for some exciting news :), I've always been a little unsure about what I wanted to do with my life etc, but since having my girls I've been really eager to train as a midwife, well I've finally taken that first step I have enrolled on a course with the Open University 'Introduction to Health and Social Care', once I've completed this course I should then have all I need to apply to Uni to apply for the nursing course and after that the midwifery course :D, bring on October I can't wait sooo excited lol 

Also we are planning on going away for a few days in July to Southend and I can't wait we're going 22nd-26th July, then once we're back I've decided I'm going to start getting back into my groups, missing all chatter :), and will try my best to post more then I did before lol, so that gives me 4weeks to sort through and clearout my inbox lol 

Michelle xXx

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Update: Aimee's Birth Sampler

I was going to post an update on this then realised I haven't shown any of this project on here yet so thought I better tell you a little about it.

With my mum I have 2 younger brothers and 3 younger sisters, my sisters are 8,5 and 2 and mum wanted birth samplers for the 3 of them, my 8 year old sister Lucie already has one which a friend of my mum made her when she was born but she never offered with the other 2 and mum asked me instead of asking her, and of course I agreed :).
I started with my 5 year old sister Aimees, Mum chose Janlynn's Sleepy Bunnies and here are the process pictures of it so far:

1. 13th Feb 2011:

2. 20th Feb 2011:
3. 14th March 2011:

4. 17th April 2011:

5. 14th June 2011:

Am nearly finished with this one and I think it's looking good :), hopefully won't be too long until this one is finished, at the moment I only have this one and 'Cleaning Can Wait' on the go and I've made a promise to myself not to start anymore until one of these are finished lol

Michelle xxx

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Coming Back...

I took some time out to kind of sort myself out a bit, I was trying to do too much at once and in the end not doing anything so am trying to get myself more organised etc.

But lately the stitching bug has hit me full force and my UFO 'Cleaning Can Wait' by Joan Elliott, has had alot of progress made on it so I thought I'd better come back on here and update :) 
Here it was when I last updated:

Update from 17th Feb:

Update from 26th May:

Update from 29th May:

And update from yesterday 4th June:

I don't think I can really call it a UFO anymore as it is the only getting any attention atm and I'm working on it most nights, but its getting so exciting seeing it nearly finished and coming to life I can't put it down lol

And you may remember the Tatty Teddy birth sampler I did for Chloe, well while out shopping with Mark and the girls yesterday I brought another Tatty Teddy birth sampler to do one for Caitlyn and have ordered my fabric (kit comes with Aida and I don't like working on aida no more) a pale pink Brittney evenweave (same fabric I used for Chloe's) then I'm hoping once done I can get them both framed and hung in the girls' room :), here is the one I've just brought for Caitlyn:

Michelle xXx

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Some prizes from World of Crossstitching

I was lucky enough to be chosen to be a reader panellist for World of Cross Stitching in their latest issue (174):
And yesterday I received a package from them with some goodies for being a panellist :) here is what I received:
I'm sure they'll come in handy :), used the scissors for the 1st time last night and they'll fab :)
Michelle xXx

UFO Thursday - Cleaning Can Wait

I haven't been on in a while the girls have been going through a stage of getting up at 4/5am again which has been leaving me so tired almost all the time and more often then not forgetting what I'm doing lol, but its starting to catch up on them now and they'll slowly sleeping in later again tho they never sleep in later then 6

However I've still managed to get some stitching in :) so here are some progress pics of my UFO Cleaning can wait the 1st one is where I left it off 2 weeks ago:

Here it is after I worked on it last week (Thurs 3rd Feb):

And finally here it is after this weeks progress (Thurs 10th Feb):

It's coming along nicely :) and am looking forward to getting further with it and eventually finishing :)

Michelle xXx

Friday, 28 January 2011

UFO Thursday - Cleaning Can Wait

Well with Caitlyn's birthday last Sunday, my friends little boys 3rd birthday yesterday (plus his party tomorrow) and my mums birthday today, not to mention a bill going out the bank earlier then it should have causing alot of stress, there hasn't been alot of time for stitching this week but I did manage to get my UFO out last night (two weeks in a row go me lol) but I'm really pleased with how much I managed to get done :)

How it was from last week:
And now it is now after this weeks progress:

Right now I don't actually have any WIPs which feels odd lol, and with being busy today and tomorrow I probably won't get much stitching in now until Sunday, where I think I'll be picking up one of my kits waiting to be started :)

Michelle xXx

Monday, 24 January 2011

Thank You

Would also like to thank you who gave me ideas about kiddy kits for Caitlyn, whilst I was out shopping for her birthday gifts I came across this little kit in wilkinsons which I thought would be a good starting point for her:

Its a pack of 2 and for only £1 a bargain lol, she was eager to get into them when she opened them yesterday but I've made her put them up for now (mean mummy lol) so I can sit down and got through them with her

I was also really impressed, on Friday I was having a look through ebay to get some ideas when I found this Minnie Mouse binca kit, now Cate is really into Mickey and Minnie mouse atm and got really excited when she saw it so I couldn't not get it for her lol, being Friday I didn't expect to get it until next week so was really impressed when it arrived Saturday morning and I had time to wrap it with her other presents :)

Although though not stitching a friend brought Caitlyn a little charm making kit, so she's going to be getting really crafty this week hehe :) 

 Now I'm trying to get ontop of emails and am getting there slowly lol (still around 300 though lol) so will be replying to anyone I havent yet and my groups soon though this morning I've promised Caitlyn she can bake some cookies in her new apron once Chloe goes down for her nap, a promise she's not letting me forget lol and has been trying for last hour for me to get Chloe down for nap lol (she normally has nap after her breakfast at 9 lol)

Again thank you for your suggestions I've made a note of them and will look into trying them after I see how she goes with these ones :) and I'll post her progress on here 

Michelle xXx

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Opinions please?

Another quick post as I'd like to get some opinions while I've got an idea in my head lol 

I'm always struggling with ideas of what to get my mum for gifts and I've got this idea in my head and would just like to get some feelers on what others think? 

Mum has 6 kids (me being the oldest and 2 brothers and 3 sisters) and I know she'd like a picture of us all together but with us all being of varying ages (Im 23 my brothers are 18 & 13 and my sisters are 7, 5 & 1) so that's not easy to get done so I came up with an idea of stitching a picture of each of us and putting them in a 6 picture frame, this is a frame I found which I'm thinking of using:

Idea being having picture of me at the top with the others following downwards in order of age??

Thanks :) Michelle xXx

Happy 3rd Birthday Caitlyn

Been a busy hectic day but wanted to take a moment to wish my eldest daughter Caitlyn a happy 3rd birthday :) 

Had a nice quiet morning then headed over to mums for afternoon there :) and both her and sister were in bed and asleep by 6.30 :) I'm now shattered so prob won't be long til I'm in bed myself, busy day tomorrow as promised Caitlyn she could use her new apron and bake some cookies :)

Looking back over pictures from her birthday last year and can't believe how much she's changed! She's really growing up (still debating if thats a gd or bad thing lol)

Michelle xXx

Friday, 21 January 2011

UFO Thursday - Cleaning Can Wait

So as promised I was a good girl yesterday and pulled out my UFO 'Cleaning Can Wait', although I am slightly disappointed as I had hoped to have got more done on it but tiredeness got the better of me last night, but at least I made some progress on it and I hope to make even more next week :)

This is picture from where I'd left it:

And where it is now after my progress last night:

Also I've always hoped to one day when they're old enough to teach my daughter's cross stitch, my oldest Caitlyn who is 3 on Sunday has been taking an interest watching me stitch etc, then yesterday I found she was being more quiet then usual (she's very hyperactive and can always be heard doing something lol) so went to check on her and found her sitting on the sofa with a piece of my practice fabric (been practicing some speciality stitches) and trying to thread the needle and thread through the holes and was really concentrating bless her lol, I had to take a couple of pics before I took the needle away (which she wasn't happy about lol)

Now I still feel she's a little too young (mainly down to the needle lol) but I would love to keep her interest in it and get her stitching as she gets older, does anyone have any ideas when would be a good time to get her started? and what would be the best 'kids kits' to try her with? thanks :)

Michelle xXx

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Finished :D

I've finished Chloe's birth sampler :) and I'm really happy with it, even more I'm surprised with how quickly I've managed to get it completed, and have to say a big thank you for all you're comments they have been great motivation to keep going with it :)

And yes I'll be keeping to my promise and my UFO 'Cleaning Can Wait' will be coming out tomorrow and I'll update with the pictures either tomorrow night or the next morning

Michelle xXx

Nearly there :)

I made a go on the backstitching last night and made good progress, tho I had hoped to have finished, but following the mc and the girls waking at between 4 and 5am for the past week or so I was too tired to concentrate on it properly and as I did'nt want to make a mistake I put it away, which was just aswell as as soon as I had I fell asleep on the sofa lol

Michelle xXx