Friday, 28 January 2011

UFO Thursday - Cleaning Can Wait

Well with Caitlyn's birthday last Sunday, my friends little boys 3rd birthday yesterday (plus his party tomorrow) and my mums birthday today, not to mention a bill going out the bank earlier then it should have causing alot of stress, there hasn't been alot of time for stitching this week but I did manage to get my UFO out last night (two weeks in a row go me lol) but I'm really pleased with how much I managed to get done :)

How it was from last week:
And now it is now after this weeks progress:

Right now I don't actually have any WIPs which feels odd lol, and with being busy today and tomorrow I probably won't get much stitching in now until Sunday, where I think I'll be picking up one of my kits waiting to be started :)

Michelle xXx

Monday, 24 January 2011

Thank You

Would also like to thank you who gave me ideas about kiddy kits for Caitlyn, whilst I was out shopping for her birthday gifts I came across this little kit in wilkinsons which I thought would be a good starting point for her:

Its a pack of 2 and for only £1 a bargain lol, she was eager to get into them when she opened them yesterday but I've made her put them up for now (mean mummy lol) so I can sit down and got through them with her

I was also really impressed, on Friday I was having a look through ebay to get some ideas when I found this Minnie Mouse binca kit, now Cate is really into Mickey and Minnie mouse atm and got really excited when she saw it so I couldn't not get it for her lol, being Friday I didn't expect to get it until next week so was really impressed when it arrived Saturday morning and I had time to wrap it with her other presents :)

Although though not stitching a friend brought Caitlyn a little charm making kit, so she's going to be getting really crafty this week hehe :) 

 Now I'm trying to get ontop of emails and am getting there slowly lol (still around 300 though lol) so will be replying to anyone I havent yet and my groups soon though this morning I've promised Caitlyn she can bake some cookies in her new apron once Chloe goes down for her nap, a promise she's not letting me forget lol and has been trying for last hour for me to get Chloe down for nap lol (she normally has nap after her breakfast at 9 lol)

Again thank you for your suggestions I've made a note of them and will look into trying them after I see how she goes with these ones :) and I'll post her progress on here 

Michelle xXx

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Opinions please?

Another quick post as I'd like to get some opinions while I've got an idea in my head lol 

I'm always struggling with ideas of what to get my mum for gifts and I've got this idea in my head and would just like to get some feelers on what others think? 

Mum has 6 kids (me being the oldest and 2 brothers and 3 sisters) and I know she'd like a picture of us all together but with us all being of varying ages (Im 23 my brothers are 18 & 13 and my sisters are 7, 5 & 1) so that's not easy to get done so I came up with an idea of stitching a picture of each of us and putting them in a 6 picture frame, this is a frame I found which I'm thinking of using:

Idea being having picture of me at the top with the others following downwards in order of age??

Thanks :) Michelle xXx

Happy 3rd Birthday Caitlyn

Been a busy hectic day but wanted to take a moment to wish my eldest daughter Caitlyn a happy 3rd birthday :) 

Had a nice quiet morning then headed over to mums for afternoon there :) and both her and sister were in bed and asleep by 6.30 :) I'm now shattered so prob won't be long til I'm in bed myself, busy day tomorrow as promised Caitlyn she could use her new apron and bake some cookies :)

Looking back over pictures from her birthday last year and can't believe how much she's changed! She's really growing up (still debating if thats a gd or bad thing lol)

Michelle xXx

Friday, 21 January 2011

UFO Thursday - Cleaning Can Wait

So as promised I was a good girl yesterday and pulled out my UFO 'Cleaning Can Wait', although I am slightly disappointed as I had hoped to have got more done on it but tiredeness got the better of me last night, but at least I made some progress on it and I hope to make even more next week :)

This is picture from where I'd left it:

And where it is now after my progress last night:

Also I've always hoped to one day when they're old enough to teach my daughter's cross stitch, my oldest Caitlyn who is 3 on Sunday has been taking an interest watching me stitch etc, then yesterday I found she was being more quiet then usual (she's very hyperactive and can always be heard doing something lol) so went to check on her and found her sitting on the sofa with a piece of my practice fabric (been practicing some speciality stitches) and trying to thread the needle and thread through the holes and was really concentrating bless her lol, I had to take a couple of pics before I took the needle away (which she wasn't happy about lol)

Now I still feel she's a little too young (mainly down to the needle lol) but I would love to keep her interest in it and get her stitching as she gets older, does anyone have any ideas when would be a good time to get her started? and what would be the best 'kids kits' to try her with? thanks :)

Michelle xXx

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Finished :D

I've finished Chloe's birth sampler :) and I'm really happy with it, even more I'm surprised with how quickly I've managed to get it completed, and have to say a big thank you for all you're comments they have been great motivation to keep going with it :)

And yes I'll be keeping to my promise and my UFO 'Cleaning Can Wait' will be coming out tomorrow and I'll update with the pictures either tomorrow night or the next morning

Michelle xXx

Nearly there :)

I made a go on the backstitching last night and made good progress, tho I had hoped to have finished, but following the mc and the girls waking at between 4 and 5am for the past week or so I was too tired to concentrate on it properly and as I did'nt want to make a mistake I put it away, which was just aswell as as soon as I had I fell asleep on the sofa lol

Michelle xXx

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Just backstitching to go :)

Managed to finish all the cross stitches last night so all I've got left to do is the backstitching and personalisation which I'm hoping to have completed tonight but tomorrow at the latest :)

 Michelle xXx

Monday, 17 January 2011

Chloe's Birth Sampler

Thanks all for your comments :) all nice to hear lol

Teejay yeah it definately is worth the effort in the end :) can't wait to finish it now 

Sandie yeah the backstitch can be a bit of a nightmare but I've found stitching it on evenweave instead of aida makes it so much easier to do 

Well here is update from last nights progress:

Can't believe how close to finishing I'm getting now its great :), so I've decided to set myself a little challenge Thursdays are UFO days over on my my stitching group Friendly Stitchers and as I've been a little naughty and not worked on mine since before we moved lol I'm making a promise to pull it out this Thursday so my little challenge to see if I can get Tatty here finished before then, can I do it? we'll soon see hehe ...

Michelle xXx

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Chloe's Birth Sampler

I am really enjoying stitching this one at the moment it's flowing really nicely :) I only started it Thursday but I'm thinking I might actually have it finished soon hehe

So far I've worked on it each night here is the progress after Friday:

And progress after I worked on it last night:

You can already see Tatty forming :) its coming on really nicely the only time I find I'm having a bit of trouble is all the different shades of grey close together lol but so far I think I've been ok and not had any problems :)

Michelle xXx

Friday, 14 January 2011

Back to stitching...

Decided last night to pull out my stitching, tho I was a bit naughty lol instead of working on my UFO or one of my WIPs I started a new start tho it is one of my goal, it is the birth sampler for Chloe :)

Progress I've made so far:

Am stitching this on 28ct pale pink evenweave, I thought the pale pink would compliment it nicely :), really enjoyed working on this and am looking forward to seeing it progress :)

Michelle xXx

Thursday, 13 January 2011

2nd Update

Again thank you all for your messages :) does mean alot

Scan this morning showed nothing to be concerned about which is good, they think I have had a complete miscarriage and that the reason the hcg levels were so high is because it was so soon afterwards and they hadn't had a chance to drop yet, to confirm this I've got to go back tomorrow and have another blood test to make sure they are dropping back down again

I'm gutted about losing the pregnancy :( but now I just want to get this sorted soon I can start to get over it and move on, tho I have 2 very beautiful distractions in my daughters and its my eldest 3rd birthday in 10days :) xxx

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Thank You

Thank you all for your messages and prayers, unfortunately i lost the baby last night before I got to the hospital :(

Today at the scan they (as expected) saw no sign of baby but a clot which they told me to expect to lose (which i have since), they got me to do a blood test to check my hcg levels and if still at 'pregnancy level' i'd have to go back on Friday for another blood test to ensure they were dropping

I have since had phone call from the hospital to say my levels are alot higher then expected and so they want me back in at 8am 2moro morning to have a specialist scan with consultant to ensure a pregnancy isn't growing anywhere it shouldn't be :(

This is knocking my head sideways the pregnancy was a surprise but a happy one and just as we got our heads around it we lose it :( and now before we've really had a chance to accept this we're faced with this :( I'm just hoping I can get some kind of answers tomorrow so I can move on from all of this xxx

Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Hi i've already broken my promise to keep this blog updated as i havent posted in 9days.

This is mainly due to finding out last Wedsnesday that I am pregnant again, a massive shock as my youngest Chloe is only 8months(2moz) but despite this i was very happy and looking forward to it, worked out i am 7+1 wks 2day and due 29th Aug

Now the reason for this post is i would like to ask for all your prays as i am so scared yesterday and this morning i've had some light spotting but its got slightly heavier this afternoon, have rang the docs and have been booked in for a early scan 2moz at 1.30, i am really really hoping and praying and this little bubba is ok, please pray for him/her 

Will update again 2moro after the scan thank you xxxx

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Stitching Goals 2011

Well where to start I have soooo much I want to do but I'm going to try and be realistic and just set a few goals and if I fill I can do more I'll add some more later in the year.

So in no particulare order (as yet anyway):

  • Birth Sampler for my mum for my sister Aimee (she's 5)
  • Birth Sampler for my mum for my sister Millie (she's 1)
  • Birth Sampler for my daughter Caitlyn
  • Birth Sampler for my daughter Chloe
  • Finish my UFO 'Cleaning Can Wait'
Mmm seems like it's going to be a year of birth samplers lol, I always have a few All Our Yesterdays kits that I'm eager to get stitched up but I really want to get these birth samplers done as soon as I can.

Michelle xXx

All Our Yesterday's First Post

Being full of flu and not feeling up to doing yoo much atm, last night I thought I'd camp on my sofa and transfer all my pictures over from my old laptop, unfortunately this didn't happen as the charger for my old laptop seems to have disappeared from where I placed it.

Though I did manage to save a copy of the picture from my facebook album so I can still post it up to show :), I am really happy with this piece and am looking forward to completing the other AOY's that I have and hanging them all in my hallway :) 

Michelle xXx

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year

Hi all would like to start of by wishing you all a Happy New Year, hope 2011 is a good year for all.

I have neglected this blog a bit lately and I'm determined to keep it updated more this year, mind you I said that last year and with 54 posts compared to 21 in 2009 I didn't do too badly lol.

Since my last update I have finished All Our Yesterday's First Post, unfortunately since completing it I have got a new laptop and not finished transfered all my pictures over yet, that is on my to do list this week though so I will hopefully be able to update soon with a picture, those of you who are friends with me on facebook will already have seen it (silly me updated picture on there but forgot to update here sorry lol).

I have many stitchy plans for 2011, whether I'll be able to complete them all will be another matter, will update again soon with full list of my 2011 goals.

Hope everyone is good and well take care 

Michelle xXx