Thursday, 13 January 2011

2nd Update

Again thank you all for your messages :) does mean alot

Scan this morning showed nothing to be concerned about which is good, they think I have had a complete miscarriage and that the reason the hcg levels were so high is because it was so soon afterwards and they hadn't had a chance to drop yet, to confirm this I've got to go back tomorrow and have another blood test to make sure they are dropping back down again

I'm gutted about losing the pregnancy :( but now I just want to get this sorted soon I can start to get over it and move on, tho I have 2 very beautiful distractions in my daughters and its my eldest 3rd birthday in 10days :) xxx


  1. Hi Michelle,

    The news seems to be a bit better today, just hope the blood test tomorrow is good news.

    Thinking of you all

    take care


  2. Good news for you I hope the rest of the tests come back good as well for you.....xo