Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Finished :D

I've finished Chloe's birth sampler :) and I'm really happy with it, even more I'm surprised with how quickly I've managed to get it completed, and have to say a big thank you for all you're comments they have been great motivation to keep going with it :)

And yes I'll be keeping to my promise and my UFO 'Cleaning Can Wait' will be coming out tomorrow and I'll update with the pictures either tomorrow night or the next morning

Michelle xXx


  1. Well done Michelle, great finish. So what's your next project going to be.

    Yup it certainly is UFO day tomorrow, will be looking forward to see what progress you get to make on it. Hope i get quite a bit done on mine, not liking the area i'm working on at the moment as its very dark, but do like the project as a whole.

    Once again what a great finish.

    take care


  2. that is such a quick finish - your needles must be smoking. I've done a couple of these and they took me ages as they drove me to distraction with all the backstitch and twentyfive different shades of grey! what a lovely birth sampler for your daughter though.