Sunday, 2 January 2011

Stitching Goals 2011

Well where to start I have soooo much I want to do but I'm going to try and be realistic and just set a few goals and if I fill I can do more I'll add some more later in the year.

So in no particulare order (as yet anyway):

  • Birth Sampler for my mum for my sister Aimee (she's 5)
  • Birth Sampler for my mum for my sister Millie (she's 1)
  • Birth Sampler for my daughter Caitlyn
  • Birth Sampler for my daughter Chloe
  • Finish my UFO 'Cleaning Can Wait'
Mmm seems like it's going to be a year of birth samplers lol, I always have a few All Our Yesterdays kits that I'm eager to get stitched up but I really want to get these birth samplers done as soon as I can.

Michelle xXx


  1. Good luck with all of the birth samplers. If I were you I would work a little bit on eash of them for a rotation. Then before you know it they are all complete!

  2. It's good to be realistic, and I'm sure your mum and daughters will appreciate your efforts. Good Luck