Monday, 24 January 2011

Thank You

Would also like to thank you who gave me ideas about kiddy kits for Caitlyn, whilst I was out shopping for her birthday gifts I came across this little kit in wilkinsons which I thought would be a good starting point for her:

Its a pack of 2 and for only £1 a bargain lol, she was eager to get into them when she opened them yesterday but I've made her put them up for now (mean mummy lol) so I can sit down and got through them with her

I was also really impressed, on Friday I was having a look through ebay to get some ideas when I found this Minnie Mouse binca kit, now Cate is really into Mickey and Minnie mouse atm and got really excited when she saw it so I couldn't not get it for her lol, being Friday I didn't expect to get it until next week so was really impressed when it arrived Saturday morning and I had time to wrap it with her other presents :)

Although though not stitching a friend brought Caitlyn a little charm making kit, so she's going to be getting really crafty this week hehe :) 

 Now I'm trying to get ontop of emails and am getting there slowly lol (still around 300 though lol) so will be replying to anyone I havent yet and my groups soon though this morning I've promised Caitlyn she can bake some cookies in her new apron once Chloe goes down for her nap, a promise she's not letting me forget lol and has been trying for last hour for me to get Chloe down for nap lol (she normally has nap after her breakfast at 9 lol)

Again thank you for your suggestions I've made a note of them and will look into trying them after I see how she goes with these ones :) and I'll post her progress on here 

Michelle xXx

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