Friday, 21 January 2011

UFO Thursday - Cleaning Can Wait

So as promised I was a good girl yesterday and pulled out my UFO 'Cleaning Can Wait', although I am slightly disappointed as I had hoped to have got more done on it but tiredeness got the better of me last night, but at least I made some progress on it and I hope to make even more next week :)

This is picture from where I'd left it:

And where it is now after my progress last night:

Also I've always hoped to one day when they're old enough to teach my daughter's cross stitch, my oldest Caitlyn who is 3 on Sunday has been taking an interest watching me stitch etc, then yesterday I found she was being more quiet then usual (she's very hyperactive and can always be heard doing something lol) so went to check on her and found her sitting on the sofa with a piece of my practice fabric (been practicing some speciality stitches) and trying to thread the needle and thread through the holes and was really concentrating bless her lol, I had to take a couple of pics before I took the needle away (which she wasn't happy about lol)

Now I still feel she's a little too young (mainly down to the needle lol) but I would love to keep her interest in it and get her stitching as she gets older, does anyone have any ideas when would be a good time to get her started? and what would be the best 'kids kits' to try her with? thanks :)

Michelle xXx


  1. Check out Daisy Designs

    These are the simplest looking kits for young kids I've seen - and I think you made great progress on your UFO.

  2. You could also look out for the sewing cards I can remember from my childhood. Surely Early Learning Centre or even Amazon has some for sale? And you could even punch holes in cardboard and use a funky coloured shoelace to give her a start now?