Friday, 28 January 2011

UFO Thursday - Cleaning Can Wait

Well with Caitlyn's birthday last Sunday, my friends little boys 3rd birthday yesterday (plus his party tomorrow) and my mums birthday today, not to mention a bill going out the bank earlier then it should have causing alot of stress, there hasn't been alot of time for stitching this week but I did manage to get my UFO out last night (two weeks in a row go me lol) but I'm really pleased with how much I managed to get done :)

How it was from last week:
And now it is now after this weeks progress:

Right now I don't actually have any WIPs which feels odd lol, and with being busy today and tomorrow I probably won't get much stitching in now until Sunday, where I think I'll be picking up one of my kits waiting to be started :)

Michelle xXx

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