Sunday, 13 February 2011

Some prizes from World of Crossstitching

I was lucky enough to be chosen to be a reader panellist for World of Cross Stitching in their latest issue (174):
And yesterday I received a package from them with some goodies for being a panellist :) here is what I received:
I'm sure they'll come in handy :), used the scissors for the 1st time last night and they'll fab :)
Michelle xXx

UFO Thursday - Cleaning Can Wait

I haven't been on in a while the girls have been going through a stage of getting up at 4/5am again which has been leaving me so tired almost all the time and more often then not forgetting what I'm doing lol, but its starting to catch up on them now and they'll slowly sleeping in later again tho they never sleep in later then 6

However I've still managed to get some stitching in :) so here are some progress pics of my UFO Cleaning can wait the 1st one is where I left it off 2 weeks ago:

Here it is after I worked on it last week (Thurs 3rd Feb):

And finally here it is after this weeks progress (Thurs 10th Feb):

It's coming along nicely :) and am looking forward to getting further with it and eventually finishing :)

Michelle xXx