Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Updates :)

Thought I would post some updates here is Cleaning Can Wait when I last updated 8th July:

And here it is now:

It's coming along nicely :) hopefully won't be long til its done *fingers crossed* lol

You might remember me posting previously my progress on Chloe's Tatty Teddy Birth Sampler well I've since brought another one to do for Caitlyn and am also doing one (same as Caitlyn's) for my nephew after I offered my brothers girlfriend I would do one for her. As they are the same pattern am going to post their progresses together :). This is the chart:

Here is the progress on Caitlyn's:

And the progress on Daniel's:

Michelle xXx

Hello :)

Hi sorry (again) for leaving it so long before updating again, been a busy bee planning well my career path really. I hope to one day become a midwife and I think I mentioned somewhere on here that I'm due to start an introduction to health and social care course in Oct this was to boost my grades so that I could get into university to study midwifery, had planned to apply to start next Sept but after some thought I decided not to Chloe will only be 2 then and depending when uni lectures would be and what shifts my placements would be would be alot to juggle, have decided to wait until either 2013 when she'll be in nursery or 2014 when she'll start reception and fulltime school, and in the meantime am going to do a couple more health related courses with the Open University and try and gain some experience :).
Stitching has taken a bit of a back seat atm :( but am is slowly picking up pace again :) have done some work on Cleaning Can Wait (will post pic once girls are in bed in a bit), and have some new projects planned I have a tatty teddy birth sampler to do for my eldest Caitlyn, did any of you see the tatty teddy pattern in Cross Stitch Crazy's latest mag? I've kitted that out ready to do as think it'll match the girls samplers perfectly for their room :D, plus have also planned to do the same tatty pattern for my nephew Daniel's sampler :)

Will post again soon hope everyone is ok and well :) 

Michelle xXx