Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Wedding Sampler

The same friend who I am doing the birth sampler for got married last year and I started a wedding sampler for her which was meant as a wedding present but as these thing happen its gotten a little delayed but am nearly there now and am hoping to have this and the birth sampler finished soon and given together:

Update: Birth Samplers

I initially started these two samplers together, one intended for my daughter and the other for my nephew, my nephews is now finally complete though I am still to get it framed and given:
The other had to take a back seat and is still currently unfinished and as my friend had a little girl February this year I am now doing this for her little girl and will choose another for my daughter, current progress:

Update: Cleaning Can Wait

Thought I'd start off by showing where I am up to with my current projects, firstly is Joan Elliott's Cleaning can wait:

Unfortunately despite being so close to finishing this piece it looks like it is going to have to be put on hold until I can get hold of another copy of the chart as whilst in storage mine has been ripped in places and my daughter has kindly drawn over it :( will hopefully see it (finally) completed soon

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Bringing this blog back to life...

Hi all (if anyone is still around) sorry yet again for abandoning this blog, life as it has a habit of doing got a bit crazy and unfortunately cross stitching and updating my blog have had to take a back seat this last year, as mentioned in my previous post I untook 2 Open University courses and I completed both last year and being a bit mad I begun 2 more last October which I am currently in middle of doing.

But that isn't all, on the 15th April last year we discovered we were gaining an addition to our little family and on the 14th December Nathan Mark was born via emergency cesarean and he is now a happy 3 month old :) and his big sisters totally adore him. As you can imagine with my oldest only just turnt 5, all 3 plus my Uni courses I've had my hands full lol.

 Me and Nathan just after he was born

Nathan yesterday at 3 months old

All 3 together (Caitlyn, Nathan and Chloe)

Things are slowly starting to calm down again (as much as they are going to anyway lol) and I have actually managed to get a couple of stitches in (wooo) and am planning on reviving this blog to help give my motivation alive as I have lots of projects planned which I want to see come to reality :)

Take Care for now

Michelle xXx